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Honey Creek Barn 11″x14″
Distant Color 6″x8″

Ordered Chaos 11″x14″

Working on this next set of three in my current series, I’ve been thinking about this idea of straight lines, organic paths and moving thru.

We generally like things in order, laid out in straight lines. All our ducks in a row. At first glance the rows and paths in these paintings, which are man made, appear to be straight and ordered.

Nature just doesn’t seem to work like that. Looking closer, you see that nature has taken over and nudged in with all sorts of matter to move the lines. Grasses, rocks, hills and whatever else may be going on underneath are at work. The next rain storm, drought and end of season will further enhances these views. All infinitely more interesting. There are no straight lines in nature, just simple beautiful bends, graceful long sweeps. Nature knows not to be so tight.

So when we take our time and look and really see, chaos can be found in our ordered universe. An opportunity for arrangement with respect to an ordered state.

Nature is so much more creative.

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Sculptor, painter, business owner, canoeist, hiker, tree hugger, can’t be stiller.

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