Meandering Paths

Uncharted Path, Great Lavender Fields and Clear day

Art, the work of art and life can take us on journeys we never see coming. I think that is probably the thing I love most about hiking. The hikes are usually on paths I have been on before, but it is never the same. Time of day, time of year, weather, energy level, company or no company all change the experience. If the trip is beautiful and all goes along without a hitch, that specific trip rolls into the many. If a trip has some mishaps, bad weather, blisters, aches or equiptment failures, then that trip becomes an elaborated story to share (names changed to prevent the innocent). Same goes for everyday life. We all have our stories, our pont of view, true and made up. It’s just who we are.

The work of art is often taken from life and then ‘enhanced’ a bit. Take out a bit that doesn’t add to the narrative. Move something into the ‘golden’ spot. The three paintings here are a wonderful example of that play. Elements and themes pulled from many sources to preserve memories. There will be more in this series to come. All size, colors and stories to unfold.

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Sculptor, painter, business owner, canoeist, hiker, tree hugger, can’t be stiller.

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