Bas Relief Sculpture Series

best.jpgThis is the first bas-relief in a new bas-relief sculpture series.  A lot of decisions have yet to be made.  Like titles, sizes, frames, stuff.  All that is just stuff.  What I am trying to bring to light with this project is the idea and reality that we are losing important parts in nature.

Each year we take an extended vacation in the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin.  Madeline Island in particular.  The water is truly clear and clean, the air really is sweet and the sky is amazing.  Sitting out in the black night on the beach feels like I am sitting in the Milky Way, not just observing it from a distance. I know our planet is in the Milky Way galaxy, but do you feel it from where you are sitting? The stars are just at the edge of my fingers, just right there.

I have been thinking about the fact that I have not seen a Red Fox near my community since I was a teenager, and I live in the country. Why is that? Not everyone can see the Milky Way.  Why is that?  Some of our birds of prey are at risk. Why is that?  The list goes on.

So for this series, I will be looking at what should be my regions native animals, those we respect, those we persecute and those we ignore.

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Sculptor, painter, business owner, canoeist, hiker, tree hugger, can’t be stiller.

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