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The studio has been in steady motion this year.  Commissions, applications, new ideas to put into motion, new materials and then the business of it all.  All good stuff.

Recently I finished and delivered an urn.  This piece was a bit different.  The size was sort of pre-determined, we all become pretty much the same weight in ash it turns out.  The design was left to me.  I chose to carve the two urns out of clay, creating a bas-relief of a nature-inspired theme.  Two urns gave me a safety net in case one did not make it through the wood firing process.  The color I created through a long series of glaze testing and experimenting using the actual ash as a substitute for the calcium in the glaze recipes.  Very interesting.  I made roughly 50 samples, of which 19 made the cut.  Of those 19 samples, 3 were standouts.  Using the very ancient technique of wood firing the process was completed in roughly 6 months.  The color became a beautiful blue, green-grey.  It is true, we all have our own inner color!

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Sculptor, painter, business owner, canoeist, hiker, tree hugger, can’t be stiller.

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