The Appearance of Loose Threads



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Often when observing an artists life, the viewer might note that some bits are all across the spectrum.  Or that the artist might be viewed as eclectic and talented.  I might suggest, not so fast.  Look a bit deeper and find what appears to be loose threads.

My interest in one area informs an interest in another.  Drawing techniques can be seen in the three-dimensional textures in my sculptures.  When canoeing or hiking I may pull out my travel kit and paint the clouds, trees, stones, and leaves.  These will someday inform my work in any medium.

I didn’t realize this until recently when I was commissioned for a piece.  I had the freedom to create the sculpture in any way I wanted, but it had to be done quickly.  So, I went to my notebooks of many years.  Most artists keep these and if you ever get a chance to peek inside, do.

Where do your threads lead?


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Sculptor, painter, business owner, canoeist, hiker, tree hugger, can’t be stiller.

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