Painted Land

On a cold snowy day, the thing to do is curl up and watch an inspiring and beautiful documentary.  I’ve been waiting to watch this one for some time now, and yesterday I finally watched.   I am ready to watch it again.

Painted Land, In Search of the Group of Seven.  It is who they were and what they did.  The description on the back cover reads, “past meets present”.  Historian Michael Burtch, and the writer and photographer team of Gary and Joanie McGuffin give us a visual understanding of how and why these Canadian painters took to the woods. Using the letters of the artists and their paintings the film team actually went out into the north side of Lake Superior and found the spots each painter probably sat, observed and painted.  The film uses aerial photography and actors to show the terrain and the artists heavy and cumbersome painting equipment and clothing (they wore ties!).

The painters may have been trying to shed their demons but in the process gave the Canadian wilderness a voice.  This documentary, 100 years after, is trying to do the same by again bringing the preservation of the wilderness to our hearts.

Please ask your libraries to order this in for your community.  Our wild lands are still worth preserving! I bought my copy at the Quiet Water Symposium in Lansing Michigan from the McGuffins.  I think if you go to the following site you will be able to purchase your own copy.


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