Collecting Art, a few notes



As an artist, I have always been interested in why someone buys a particular piece of art.  Is the buyer acting out of a desire to be supportive of their local artist?  Are they buying because of subject matter?  Is it the medium they love?  Usually, I see collectors buy out of love.  Love of the arts, love of a topic, simply love.  Every once in a while though I have witnessed a sale out of obligation.  This has always made me rather sad.  This piece of art that the artist has put a piece of themselves into will go in a dark place and not be appreciated.  Why?  I’m not sure.  I try to have only pieces of art around me that I love and will continue to enjoy and connect with emotionally.  So if you are thinking about starting or growing your fine art collection, consider the following.  Please….

  • Buy because you like it because if you don’t you can’t stop thinking about it
  • please don’t purchase a piece of art as an investment, that’s a gamble that you may not live long enough to witness
  • visit art galleries, call a local artist and ask to visit their working studio
  • request to be on an art galleries mailing list, an artists mailing list, so that you will be invited to openings and notified of special events
  • visit and join local art museums and art centers
  • attend local, national and international art fairs and art expos
  • get to know other art collectors and talk to them about their experiences collecting art
  • read art history books and any information you can on collecting art
  • subscribe to art magazines (I like American Art Collector)
  • read local and national art critic reviews, remember though it’s only their singular point of view
  • hiring an art consultant can help guide you through the experience of a (very) large purchase
  • don’t let a frame or a pedestal stop you from owning a piece of work you love.  Often frames and pedestal are only for a particular show and can be changed. Ask.
  • remember, you are buying art because you want it in your life, you are supporting artists in their life’s work, enjoy it, celebrate it and love it.

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